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Since 1949, Marukatus is strongly supporting foodservice industry by supplying furniture for business use in Japan. Foodservice is huge industry in Japan and lots of companies supply various kinds of equipment. We are specializing in Japan-style furniture, and that furniture is used in Japanese restaurants, like Sushi shop, Izakaya and noodle-shop. We manage it from product research and development to shipment in-house, so we can supply stable and high quality furniture in markets. We have confidence that our product variations are number one position on Japan-style furniture for business use in Japan.

All products are research and development in-house, those are chairs, tables, single leaf wooden screens and "Zabuton" square floor cushions. We are announced as "Marukatsu furniture catalogue" in the markets. We have contract distributor in whole of Japan, so our products are sold by them and we always put effort to improve merchandise and quality controls. By using “MSTS”, our contract distributors can check our products stock situation whenever by internet service. That system is also our original system.

Marukatsu manage most of business section in-house, so our products have strong cost performance, and also stock most of our products to prepare business opportunities. Obviously, foodservice is necessary industry for human life, and this industry could provide happiness, serenity and dreams for people. At the same time, foodservice industry is one of the high competitive market; we try our best to support our consumers to survive this industry.


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